Discover Your Sweet Spot

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  • March 7, 2018 - April 5, 2018
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To create an effective space, landscapers must design, build, and maintain that space. To create an effective life, we must design, build, and maintain that space too.

Discover Your Sweet Spot equips you to create the life you want. Using a landscaping metaphor and written in a conversational tone, author Scott Fay reveals seven proven steps that enabled him to achieve a unique blend of personal and professional success.

Imagine if you discovered your Sweet Spot. What results would you experience? Better finances? Better focus? Better relationships? Discovering his Sweet Spot equipped Scott to do all three and much more. Specifically, it helped him acquire fourteen distressed businesses and turn them into profitable environments for leadership and commerce. It prepared him to forge a partnership with the No. 1 leadership guru in the world and create the world’s fastest-growing speaking, coaching, and training team. It primed him to start several other ventures, projects, and initiatives related to his core strengths. And finally it enabled him to create a robust life with a variety of options.

If this can work for Scott—a guy who wears jeans and boots and drives a pickup truck—then be encouraged; it can work for you too. In fact, it can work for any individual or organization serious about creating a growth environment. Discover Your Sweet Spot and discover the life you’ve always wanted.

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Purpose is very specific to you and it is knowing who you are designed to be... strategically through a plan - Scott Fay


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